about KC

What began as a way to recover from a bad car accident when a teenager has led into a life of cycling and bike racing. Two years after doctors' told me I could either swim or ride to recover, I was winning mountain bike races and started the inaugural mountain biking team at my university. Also while in college, I was part of the first underwater hockey team, the three-time winning western division rugby team, and many other extra-curricular activities. I created a custom degree of Corporate Environmental Management in the business school before we had the word sustainability, as well a degree in Ocean Studies and Environmental Science. Over 20 years ago I started the energy efficiency movement in data centers, and I have continued to improve the efficiency, sustainability and profitability of technology companies, from start ups to the Fortune 20. I have led and guided non-profit organizations, university boards, company boards, and have started small companies and led fast-success and wide-reaching corporate organizations with teams in 30 countries and with multi-billion dollar annual budgets to lead growth and with great successes. I still thrive on leading organizations, guiding and growing people and organizations to achieve even more and reduce their environmental impacts and improve their financial impacts. I always love to create what I call the "win-win-win".

  • Snow skiing
  • Lake kayaking
  • Exploring nature
  • Continual learning
  • Cooking healthy and tasty food to share with friends